I’ve been fascinated with the arts since I was a little girl and my artwork took prizes in school contests. I have great memories of getting dressed up to have photos made with the family photograph, Mr. Whitaker—who came to our home to make our portraits. Professional photographs have always been a part of my family. In my Mom’s bedroom, there’s a large portrait of my great-great grandmother that been lovely cherished all these years.

As I grew up, I became the self-appointed family photographer. In college, I saved up and bought my first Canon 35 mm camera. (She’s always been a canon girl.) She enjoyed taking creative photos of friend and family.

Eventually, I became a graphic designer and web designer. I still work full-time as the Web Site Manager for a major corporation. I use my photography skills and graphic design skills in my work.

When digital cameras came on the market—I couldn’t wait to buy one. I started taking classes from schools and from photographers I admire—like Craig Tanner and Marilyn Sholin.

I keep my portrait work fresh and innovative by continuing to learn new techniques. Whether it’s a new photograph finish, or an exciting way to incorporate computerized digital imaging, I always aim to give clients unique results they likely can’t get anywhere.

My artistic style of portraiture and fine art photography has won acclaim over the years. Her photographs have been displayed in galleries all over Georgia.

I was born in Athens, TN, lived in Boston, MA for many years, and then settled near Atlanta, GA. She lives on a hobby farm with nine sheep, a goat, 3 cats (Otis, Maychen, and Elsie), 2 dogs (Pavo and Dubba Duo) and Jim, her husband and partner in love and life.

I’m inspired by emotions, color and nature. I love bright bold colors, beauty, and positive energy. Art touches us on an emotional level when something magical is created from a moment in time. Often, particularly good memories are more than a visual record—what we felt is sometimes more important than what we saw. Some memories have a glow and warm to them—almost magic. I try to bring this glow and magic to my artwork.